Package Type Number of Pin Type PCB Dimension IC Size(mm)
Length(D1) Width(E1) Height(A) Pitch(e) L Pins(D) W Pins(E)
BGA 153 Opentop 50x34 11 10 0.7 0.5

Adaptor Photo IC Drawing(mm)

* Only For NuProg EMMC 11x10 package

Adaptor manual
1. Make sure the triangle mark on the bottom left PCB board aims at the triangle mark on the DediProg devices.
    For more detailed insertion direction, please download the document HERE
    Caution: Incorrectly installed the socket adaptor may cause device and socket damage.
2. Align the Pin 1 mark on the socket with the Pin 1 of the IC. Press down the top of the socket to insert the IC.
    Visually check the connection between the socket and the device, if it is connected properly, then the device is ready to program.
3. We recommended using a pick up tool for handling the socket. Do not touch the PCB board directly, because dirt and statics may cause errors during device programming.
4. Please remove the adaptor from the device after finish the work.
Note: There are different sizes of the socket adaptors for ProgMaster programmers.
Standard type (64x34mm) is compatible with ProgMaster-U4/U8
Special type (64*54mm) only compatible with ProgMaster-U4